Only Gustavsson Shows up to Face Buffalo Sabres

Last night, we all saw something that we’ve become accustomed to:  the Leafs laying a stinker in the HSBC arena before a crowd which, time and time again, contains almost as many Leafs fans as there are Sabres fans.  I can not fathom why the Leafs have so many problems facing the Sabres in Buffalo, and why they can not solve Ryan Miller.  At this point, I don’t see any reason why the Leafs should even bother playing the Sabres every year.  Lets just give Buffalo the 12 points and forget about playing the games.  This way, we avoid anyone getting injured, as well as avoid the unnecessary soreness we all feel in our heads, and our asses, after watching a game like last night. Continue reading

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Gameday Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs @ Buffalo Sabres

If there’s one place that Toronto Maple Leafs fans should fear their team playing in, it’s in Buffalo, NY.  The Leafs sport a horrible record playing in Buffalo, which currently sits at 27-54-6-2.  It seems that no matter how good each team is, whenever a Leafs/Sabres match-up occurs in Buffalo, the Leafs always find a way to blow it.  What’s even more strange is that one would expect the Leafs to play fairly well in Buffalo — after all, Buffalo is quite close to Toronto, and there are many Leafs fans in Niagara Falls and the surrounding area who prefer to see games in Buffalo, due to the cheaper ticket cost and proximity to their home.  Whenever you watch a game between the Leafs and Sabres in Buffalo, the crowd is almost completely spit between Leafs fans and Sabres fans. Continue reading

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Don’t Believe All of McGran’s “Probabilities” When it Comes to Leafs

When there are long breaks in between Leaf games, such as what us Leaf fans are currently experiencing right now (the Leafs play their next game on Friday, November 26th, and their last game was Monday, November 22nd), Toronto sports writers often times struggle to come up with good, captivating content regarding the Leafs such that readers of the daily newspaper have some Leaf-related content to keep them coming back to the sports section.  All the major newspapers in Toronto do this (Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Globe, etc).  Sometimes, the content which is dug up and regurgitated on non-game days is actually quite good, but other times it’s a bit nonsensical.

In today’s Toronto Star (November 25th), Kevin McGran has written an article entitled, “Statistics Show Leafs’ Playoff Chances Slim“.  In this article, McGran compiles statistics dating back to 1993 that analyze the probability of a team making the playoffs based on their current point total and position in standings (ie. playoff position or not).   Continue reading

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Kulemin Leads Leafs to Victory Over Stars

Nikolai Kulemin probably wishes that the Dallas Stars were in the Eastern Conference, better yet–in the Northeast Division.  In the only two games in which Kulemin has faced the Dallas Stars, he has racked up four goals — two goals in each game respectively, including a two goal performance in last night’s victory.   Continue reading

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Gameday Preview: Dallas Stars @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Having arrived back in Toronto after being shut out by Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens in the Bell Center, the Toronto Maple Leafs (7-9-1-2) will take on the 19th place Dallas Stars (10-7-0-1) with hopes of getting back on the winning track after being sidelined by Montreal after the Leafs’ two game winning streak. Continue reading

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Habs Shutout Leafs in Second Meeting of Season

This past Saturday night featured one of the most historic rivalries in the NHL, the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Montreal Canadiens.  These match-ups almost always tend to be filled with excitement, emotion, and energy.  The game on Saturday proved to follow that trend.  Unfortunately for the Leafs, it also perpetuated another troubling trend that many critics of the Leafs predicted would be their downfall:  lack of offense. Continue reading

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Gameday Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs @ Montreal Canadiens

There’s nothing more Canadian than watching Hockey Night in Canada on a Saturday Night, on CBC.  This is as much a requirement for the standard Canadian as drinking coffee and eating donuts are.  Combine Hockey Night in Canada with the ultimate rivalry in hockey, that being the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Montreal Canadians, and you’ve just suddenly entered Hoser-Mania.   Continue reading

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